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The Bay Lancaster 2005/2006 RAJAR

Saturday Breakfast 6-10


First Quarter 2005/2006 year-on-year gain of 8,000 to the final hour alone. First Quarter 2006 audience peak of 17,000, Female audience peak of 9,000 in the 9 o’clock hour, Female audience was greater in every half-hour up until 9.30am.


In both the Second & Third Quarters of 2006 I again scooped the highest audience peaks at the station.



Sunday Breakfast 6-10


First Quarter 2005 Audience Peak 8,000, First Quarter 2006 Audience Peak 16,000, Sunday Breakfast saw the largest year-on-year gain, the audience doubled in almost every hour.



These audience figures came about from working with a great Programme Controller & having regular snoop sessions (Rajar Graph).

These are proven audience figures from my time spent at The Bay Lancaster; there I presented  Saturday & Sunday Breakfast, (TSA 323,000, Reach 115,000 2005/2006).